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Exciting features

Below are some examples of what sets Mauliola apart from others in her class. More than $6 million has been spent to make her the way she is. Come see her and we'll show you more.

65 ft. lightest catamaran


The lightest, and by more than 3,000 lbs in most all cases (the sister ship may be an exception), of all of the catamarans in her size and class. (based upon “dry weight). 


Plus, Mauliola is, and has proven to be exceptionally strong.



​ More safety features than any of the catamarans in her class. These are material features like, all reefing, furling and foresail tensionning (with the use of RAMS) is done from within the safety and protection of the aft cockpit and at either helmstation. Each of the 2 helmstations have the full complement of electronics providing all the information one needs to be safe in the worst of conditions and at night. And, the design of both helmstations, allow full view of the sails and the horizon.

65 ft. catamaran remote cruising


More features to allow and enjoy very remote cruising, much more than any other catamaran in her class. Some examples: dagger boards and rudders can be raised to flush with the bottom providing less than 2’ of draft, allowing the entering of very special places (that others cannot) as well as allowing anchoring nestled in very close to protected places at virtually untouched islets; solar (2100 W) and a hydro-generator + 23kw lithium iron phosphate batteries can power all of its systems; being a supreme passage maker, well capable of upwards of 400 nautical mile days, etc.

65 ft. catamaran better than new


Better than new. Mauliola is fully tested and has been meticulously maintained since it was finished in New Zealand in 2016. This exceptional Catamaran reflects the care and exacting standards of her one Owner. Build and design faults of new boats, are not in this vessel..

There is a modern, roomy salon with a large center island and spacious countertops, dining table, a settee, and 30cf of refrigeration creating the comfort and luxury of a great room, with added indoor/outdoor function through opened windows to the cockpit dining. Its 4 cabin layout has modern and customized appointments.
This 65' fast carbon fiber catamaran, Morrelli & Melvin design with a priority to both strength and lightness, together with significant R&D and improvements done since launch to now, resulted in:
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