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  • Morrelli and Melvin designed, "M&M 65" (19.8 m), light, carbon, and the most current design among comparable boats, including the engineering providing for the lightest weight with proven high-strength, together with the reverse bows, 6m dagger boards encased by Veskinite bearings (which can be raised and lowered easily while sailing at good speed), rudders that can be raised to any level, etc.

  • All reefing and foresail furling is done from within the safety of the aft cockpit and at either helmstation. – Includes (2) RAMS, one each for the staysail and reacher tacklines, so that the luff tensions can be safely adjusted from the cockpit, particularly when changing foresails.

  • Twin helm stations, with sliding hard covers over each (carbon “garaged” completely with gutters to drains), all allowing for the ideal view of all the sails, and surrounding horizon, leeward bows, the raising and lowering of the daggerboard’s, etc., all from either side,  and with the full array of electronics at each one, double wide adjustable seats, etc.

  •  2100 W of solar power and, Watt and Sea Hydro generator provide enough power to run all the equipment, including watermakers, hot water kettle, breadmaker, toaster, 16 ft.³ refrigerator, 12 ft.³ freezer + quick freeze freezer, winches and even some HVAC and dive tank filling from our own Brownie electrical compressor (all working from the batteries).

  •  Dorades’s for all 4 cabins and the salon with powered low amp draw fan, mosquito (or "no no") screened, most often negating the need for air conditioning.

  • Daggerboards and rudders that can be raised to any level including flush with the bottom.

  • Refrigeration: 12 ft.³ fridge and 16 ft.³ freezer, each with drawers to maximize utility, to secure good airflow and, with the faces made of carbon, VIP insulating airbags and secure latches on the outside to not impact the insulation. Special airflow system to substantially improve the capabilities of the compressors. An additional small but more powerful freezer (per cubic foot) is used to more quickly freeze fresh caught fish and other foods, preparatory to putting them into the salon freezer.

  •  Notched opening in the Bimini, above the main halyard winch, allows for operation by foot while being able to see, feel and hear everything when raising the mainsail.


  • Salon roof designed with gutters for water catchment that goes direct to water tanks (when desired).

  • All of those exasperating, new design/build faults and weaknesses, have been thoroughly sought, discovered and not only fixed but in most cases provided the opportunity to substantially upgrade/improve those and related aspects.

  • A very detailed maintenance schedule for all the equipment is kept updated.

  • Mastervolt electrical and electronics information is made available to an iPad through an onboard routing system. For example – both battery bank’s current, volts, and fullness, together with any desired wind, boat speed/direction, etc. information is available anywhere on the boat.

  • Designed and built unique “daggerboard pole” system to be able to completely remove and reinstall the daggerboards directly in line with their outward and raked slope, without need of shore or other outside assistance.

  •  Special removable access panels into the forward bows from each forward cabin, facilitates bringing extra long standup boards and other long objects inside and out of the way for crossings. Panels are secured from inside the bows and with rubber seals so the bows remain a secondary crash box.

  • New 23Kw lithium iron phosphate batteries (not lithium ion), with 24V/960A capacity.

  • Special Lazy Jack system which reduces problems and risks of raising the full batten and square topped mainsail.

  • Good access has been created for all equipment, engine, plumbing, etc, to provide ease, and therefore better maintenance procedures.

  • Garaged swim ladders located at each transom swim step can be opened or closed from above or in the water.