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  • Dinghy davits which are horizontal allows the dinghy to be pulled up tight.

  • New carbon daggerboards with Vesconite bearings (for more freedom to raise and lower safely)

  • An outdoor sink is in the outdoor cockpit, near the barbecue, which has hot and cold fresh water, salt water as well as a foot pump if electricity were to be lost.​

  • Master electrical on/off switch easily accessible for safety.

  • Very strong, light and beautifully shaped North Sails 3di square topped mainsail, jib, and reacher.

  • Special Rudder well “Swisher Plate” system, with Venturi’s removing water when under way, to allow the full water line length of the vessel to be used (not having the Stern cut out).

  • Anchor chain locker designed so that even though the chain is 7/16” and is 83 m long, it doesn’t have to be flaked as it stacks nicely and easily without coming even close to the windlass.

  • Added and improved deck hardware for strength and reliability as well as to better facilitate use of all winches for most applications, including to be able to see directly what is going on with any activity..

  • Running rigging, including lines, clutches/jammers, organizers, etc. significantly upgraded in strength and function. Carbon jammers at the aft end of the boom for the clew reef lines, have been uniquely configured so as to set automatically and properly, and operated from the safety of aft cockpit.

  • Steering cars and fasteners upgraded and improved for reliability.

  • 3 speed self tailing winches (Harken) available at each helm position, providing the ability for very rapid furling and other applications.

  • Engine driveshafts exit the inboard side to allow for only about 25 inches (64 cm)  of draft (with daggerboards and rudders raised.

  •   (2) 4000 W inverters (so if one goes we still have another one).

  • Removable and well-designed “Dodger” for each of the helmstations, to further protect the cockpit and helmstations – when desired.

  • Carbon board racks which allow securing surfboards, etc. easily, with a small trampoline built between the davits and, accessing the dinghy when up.

  • (2) New Spectra 400 (Min 16 gal/hr each) with several special maintenance and usage features like, when flushed with fresh water, the filters and membrane are treated such that no growth occurs for 30 days.

  • Turnbuckles on whisker stays facilitates easily keeping them properly tightened (a too easy to underestimate the importance of these kinds of things for stressed conditions). These stays connect to a titanium bar (inside the crossbar) instead of the stainless bar (eliminating rust factor there).

  • UV resistent Black acetyl added where sliding (like door and sl;iders) and to the sides of the anchoring chain plates –  to greatly reduce wear.

  • The 15” Nauticomp displays at each helmstation can receive all the information from the Furuno (“Black box”) chart plotter, as well as that from MaxSea and Open CPN – switching from one to another is done by a simple push of a button at a helmstation or at the nav station.

  • This fast catamaran is for sale now.